Samuels / Larson Family Hikes

Copyright 1999 to present by Don Samuels and Marina Larson

This document is a running narrative of the hikes we have taken in and around Summit County Colorado. I have decided to start this to give others who follow in our enjoyment of the great out-doors a heads up on what to expect on each hike.

I have used my Garmin GPS III+  or my GPSmap76CS along with TOPO! to create the waypoints and maps seen in the pages which follow. As I get better in the use of these tools, the quality of the information should improve.

Update on October 2018, I have not used Topo! for a bit and and have been using smart phones and runkeeper instead for recording tracks. This page here talks about how to get the GPX data into Topo!

There are two factors leading to imprecision in the GPS readings:

Since Selective Availability was turned on in 2000, my tracks have improved. I also understand the GPS better. In particular, I have found that I should not save a track on the GPS, but get it to the computer first. Then each track point has a time stamp, and the number of points is not reduced. Consequently I can accurately mark where I am at regular intervals.

Starting in the fall of 2008, I have added where possible KML files so that you can load the tracks in Google Earth. I am using tiles2kml for this. I have indicated if there is a KML track with the image:

Pictures taken posted were taken by Marina, Michael, David, or myself. Ruby Ranch property owners may make copies (paper or electronic) for personal use. All other rights are reserved.

Enough of the fine print:

Mt. Bierstadt on July 9, 2000

Mt. Bross on July 1, 2001

Acorn Creek on June 17, 2007

Buffalo Mountain August  24, 2008        (replaces previous Buffalo hikes, and is the new route)

Eccles Pass to Meadow Creek Trail Head on August 26, 2001

Erickson Mine and beyond July 5, 2000

Greys August 26, 2007

Greys and Torreys on August 18, 2001

Independence Peak and Ide Bell Mine on August 17, 2002

Keystone Peak on August 15, 2002

Lenawee Mountain on July 9, 2005  

Lilly Pad Lake on June 20, 2004

Mayflower Gulch on July 12, 2014  

Mccullough Gulch on July 17, 2006 

Mesa Cortina on July 27, 2003 

Mt. Lincoln on July 29, 2001

Ptarmigan Summit on June 27, 1999

Ptarmigan Loop on  June 18, 2005

Ptarmigan Summit on June 3, 2006 

Ptarmigan Summit/Loop on July 22, 2008

Quandary Peak on July 11, 1999  Please read, trail has changed for the worse.

Salmon Lake on July 4, 1999

Sniktau on July 4, 2005

Tenderfoot on October 6, 2007

E. Vail via Red-Buffalo Pass on August 1, 1999

Wegner Loop on July 4, 2020

Wilder Gulch on June 26, 2003 

Willow Falls

Willow Falls and loop back by Buffalo Cabin on August 23, 2001

Willow Lake on July 7, 2007     Replacement of the 1999 hike

Ute Peak on July 4, 2008      

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