Greys Peak, Aug 26, 2007

Don, Marina, John Drake

Distance: Approximately 3.7 miles one way

Elevation Gain 3010 feet

A revisit of the 2001 hike I took alone, but we only managed to do Greys as it was snowing lightly and we were not sure of the weather. That and I was six years older and not as in good of shape. As usual, John motored up the mountain, followed by Marina, then myself. John did not have warm enough cloths for the top of the mountain with the weather turning, so when I arrived well behind him, I did not spend much time up there and we left quickly.

We left the car at 7:51 am. The road in is worse that it was 6 years ago. High ground clearance is a must. At 7:51, the parking was already almost full. I made the summit at 12:13pm, 4 hours and 22 minutes, which is much slower than 2001 where at the 4 hour mark I was well on my way to Torreys.

Here is the map with my times, not John's or Marina's:

and the profile

And some pictures:

Note the mountain goats on the left

In addition to the goat's the trail can be seen as well at the top of the photo

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