Spring Break 2002 Trip to California by David and Don, joined by Paul

During the spring break of 2002, I took David out to the AMEN clinic in Fairfield CA for SPECT Scans of his brain. These can be seen here.

During the down time between the tests, my brother Paul flew up from LA to Sacramento, and we went to Yosemite National Park

I also have a link to a fairly large pdf file of the park from the parks web site. It can be had by clicking here.

Note: There are no pictures on this page. Instead I have decided to put the pictures on pages having to do with where we were in Yosemite. There are lots of pictures in each of these pages, so beware of loading if you don't have a fast connection.

Note number 2: The pictures I have put in have been reduced from the original resolution. Larger pictures can be had by sending me an E.Mail.

For this trip, David had his EOS with black and white film, and I had the digital D30. I could only scan the black & white prints in from the pictures that David took, so the high resolution that is available on the D30 is not available on David's black and white prints.

Anyway we drove from Sacramento to a town outside the park called Groveland and spent the night in an old Bed and Breakfast. The next morning we entered the park from the north end, "Big Oak Flat Entrance". We only had one day as I had to get Paul back to Sacramento that evening.

From this entrance, we first went to the Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias.

We then drove into the valley, stopping first at Bridalveil falls, and Ribbon Falls.

We then drove into the village, did some shopping and then went to lunch at The Ahwahnee Hotel.

From the hotel, we hiked up to Mirror Lake, passing Royal Arches Cascade falls.

After the hike back, we drove to Yosemite Falls, then we left the way we came and drove back to Sacramento.

Leaving the park, we did stop for two additional pictures:

This is Bridalveil Falls

and El Capitan and Half Dome


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