Tour du Mont Blanc - June 2 through June 22 2016

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This trip was Marina, David & Don visit to Zürich, Switzerland; REI Tour du Mont Blanc; and Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is an extremely popular tour with many different ways to accomplish it. The idea is to hike around the Mt Blanc Massive which is a collection of extremely rugged mountains running through France, Italy, and Switzerland. Some people race around it in 17 hours (not normal people), some carry full packs and hike more or less what we did each day and camp, or you go first class as we did with a tour through REI Adventures that REI setup with Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix.

Desciption of the TMB that the two organizations put together can be seen here.

Before getting to the tour, we spent some time in Zürich, where Marina met a business associate that her firm does business with. We then took the train to Geneva, spent a night there before joining up with the group. After the tour was done, since we flew Iceland Air from Denver to Zürich and then from Geneva to Denver, we took advantage of the way that airline runs and did 3 "nights" in Reykjavik. Each "day" below, will have its own link and file.

Friday June 3 - Sunday June 5 Zürich/Geneva

Monday June 6 - Geneva / Chamonix  - Day 1

Tuesday June 7 - Chamonix - Day 2

Wedneday  June 8 - Chamonix  / Les Contamines - Day 3

Thursday June 9  - Les Contamines / Les Chapieux - Day 4

Friday June 10 - Les Chapieux, France / Courmayeur, Italy - Day 5

Saturday June 11 - Courmayeur / Rifugio Bonatti - Day 6

Sunday June 12 - Rifugio Bonatti, Italy / La Fouly, Switzerland - Day 7

Monday June 13 - La Fouly / Champex - Day 8

Tuesday June 14 - Champex / Col de Forclaz - Day 9

Wednesday June 15 - Col de Forclaz, Switzerland / Argentière, France - Day 10

Thursday June 16 - Argentière / Chamonix - Day 11

Friday June 17 - Chamonix - Day 12

Saturday June 18 - Chamonix, France / Reykjavik, Iceland

Sunday June 19 - Reykjavik

Monday June 20 - Reykjavik

Tuesday June 21 - Reykjavik / Denver

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