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  1. History of Covenants (added 9/12/2022)

The following table lists the numbers assigned by the county clerk (reception number) following each recordation of a covenant-related document.  Clicking on the reception number will open a pdf file of the recorded document in a separate window.  The Comment column summarizes major changes made in each amendment.

Date Recorded

Reception Number


October 3, 1979



October 23, 1979


Appears to be same as 197479

May 20, 1981


Addition of land for filing 2



Unrecorded 1982 amendment.  No copy of actual amendment as submitted for a vote of property owners has been found.

August 18, 1983


Recorded with ballots for two amendments – full restatement of covenants. 

December 28, 1989


Added provisions for contract at stable Art III, Sec 2 (e), Stockponds west access easement,  Art III, Sec 4. Amended Art VII, Section 3 from a blanket prohibition on business use to allow home businesses.  Original language is carried forward as examples of prohibited uses in paragraph (h).  Restrictions were added in Art. VII, Section 4 (relating to signs), Section 5 (relating to domestic pets), Section 6 (relating to horses).  Art VII, Section 17 permitting rental,  and added.  Art. XII, Section 4.1 requiring notarization of amendment ballots and allowing counterparts was added.

June 28, 2000


Amended Art VII, Sec 11 to eliminate subdivision, and Article VIII, Section 1 to more specifically define allowable structures. 

2.    Presentation Slides from September 10, 2022 RROA Meeting (added 9/12/2022)

Click here to view the presentation slides from the Annual meeting. 

3.    Procedure for Changing the Covenants (added 9/12/2022)

To change the covenants, written votes of at least 67% of all owners supporting the covenant change are needed.  These votes must be notarized, and will be recorded with the Summit County Clerk.  This means that votes are not anonymous. 

An abstention or failure to vote is the same as a vote against the amendment.

4.    Restated Covenants as a starting point for discussion (added 9/12/2022)

As a starting point the discussion of amendments to be made, a restated document is attached here.  This document takes the 1983 restatement as the starting point and makes additional changes to reflect the 1989 and 2000 amendments.  For information purposes, the parts of the document that are in the 1983 restatement, but not in the 1979/81 document or the 1983 vote (i.e. the changes that should have been approved in 1982 but may not have been) are highlighted in yellow.

5.    Restated Covenants with obviously obsolete portions marked in red.  (added 9/15/2022)

Yellow marking from 4 retained so you can start here if you have not already looked through 4. 

6.    Covenants relating to commercial/business and rental uses. (added 9/15/2022)

This shows the covenant sections of relevance to this issue.  Comments are requested as to changes that could be made so that a sense of the community can be obtained.  This might include:

Coming soon:

Identification of more covenant provisions for discussion.  Thoughts of others about covenants provisions to be discussed are welcome.  

Summaries of any comments I receive.

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