Instructions on how to report the Ruby Ranch water diversions to the Water Commissioner

This document is to provide a manual for reporting via Excel spreadsheets to the Water Commissioner for Summit County (Troy Winegard as of calendar year 2019)


Before the spreadsheet can be filled out, the person running the ditches must record data on each visit to the head gates. This does not have to be done on a daily or even weekly basis but each visit should record.  Anytime there is a change in the reading, the reason for the change should be noted. For example, when the head gate is turned on; when the flow is increased or decreased; off for repairs; on after repairs etc. Another reason is just that the flow into the flume has dropped because there is not enough water getting diverted.  Date also has to be recorded. Time of day does not.

Readings are reported as follows:

The reading on this gauge is 0.22, not 2.2. In general there should be no numbers greater than 1.0 in the readings.

There are three ditches on Ruby Ranch. The southern most is the Sawmill, the middle is the Ruth, and the northern most is the Ruby. These instructions will use the Ruth as an example.

Entering data into the spreadsheet

There will be a spreadsheet called


If the reporting is for calendar year 2019, copy this file to


and edit this file for the year 2019.

You always want to start with the template file because of the way the cells in the spreadsheet are linked to each other, and when you enter a change in the Flume reading for a specific day, the link for that day purposely breaks.

Here is what the Ruth looks with no data entered:


 The cells to be changed first are

After these three cells are changed, then you have to put the date entries in. These entries will always go under the Gauge and Comments column. No other columns will be touched.
Here is an example of what the 2018 Ruth looks like filled in:

You can see it was turned on at 0.40 on June 2. It was then turned off on Aug 25 for haying and was back on again before being shut off for the season.

When you put an entry in, the linking of the cells will correctly adjust dates following. So for example if we look at the blank Ruth again and say on May 13 put it in as 0.22, all the dates following go to 0.22:

Don't forget to put a comment in on why the change!!!

Do this for each of the three ditches and then email to

That is all there really is to this.

I am also providing the 2018 spreadsheet here so you can see one completely filled out:


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