Fall Colors 2005 from Ptarmigan - mostly looking at Ruby Ranch

On Saturday Sept. 24 I hiked the flank's of Ptarmigan to get pictures of Ruby Ranch in fall colors, and to look at last year's beetle kill in the wilderness (next year will be worse) .

Here is a map

Unfortunately my camera does do justice to the yellows. This is from the first meadow before you cross into forest land

Looking back toward's Red and the Thorn from the meadows before entering forest land

This is now from inside forest land looking back at Ruby Ranch with Buffalo on the left and Red Mt. on the right

Colors rendered somewhat better on this shot.

A good view of the barn in the lower foreground,  and looking up the hike Red-Buffalo pass.

A wider view.

On my way out, I met with the "trooper moms". After taking pictures with their cameras, I took one with mine and promised I would post it on the web

Can you see the Ptarmigan in this picture?

One last picture from the first meadow.

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