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Sent on 17 February by Greg:
Hey folks,
              I hope this system is working.  Thanks again for the support you have shown.
Jeff, Sam (he had prior dealings with the COL), John, and I are meeting with COL Thompson - Army MSC - branch manager.  With assistance of President Rice. 
*** On the agenda are the following questions:
       --- How are we tracked by the MSC personel system, what impact, slot availability?
       --- How will the changes we propose effect the MSC personel managment system?
       --- Field grade lateral transfers or capping at O-3?
       --- How can you assist us?
       --- Can you assist us with contacting other Service branch managers?
       --- Can you forward our agenda to the SG's office?  Can you link us to action staffie?
       --- How can we assist you?
       --- And attempt to win him to our cause.
I think there is a lot of similarity for the branches, our next move is to link up with Navy, Air Force sides and attempt to resolve parallel concerns of managment. If you have any questions that concern you please let us know and we can ask them.  Imput is important because we now looking at the matter as experts some of the critical-but obvious to us matters may be missed.   
What is important here for all, that we will draw on prior service and non-prior service representatives of Navy and Air Force for the follow on meetings within thier respective Service. 
Expect an update after the meeting.  Again Thanks for all your support.

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