Acorn Creek - June 27, 2007

Copyright 2007 by Don Samuels and Marina Larson
This was Marina Larson & Associates group outing.

Our trail guides were Cage and Heather. I was on Trooper again (by request).

Marina and I had already hiked this trail and that trip can be found here.

Here is the map of our ride:

As we figured from our hike, we did not go all the way up to the Ute Pass Trail. We stopped an hour or so out on ridge that gives great views of the Gore Range.

We covered 2.24 miles round trip.

Some of the pictures I took. As I was always on Trooper, some of them are not too steady. For pictures of the Gore Range, my hike page is better.

First set of pictures is everyone getting on their mounts and getting adjusted. No one but Heather looks up  :)

See Heather looks up. I did not get a picture of  Cage at this point.

Now we are on the trail. I was not last, so I did not get everyone in

This is at the turn around point. I moved Trooper out towards the edge of the ridge for these shots and made Heather a bit nervous

On the way back down, I repositioned myself so that only Cage was behind me

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