2014 Ruby Ranch Water Line Replacement and Detour

The 2014 water project is about to begin. To make the most effective use of the money allocated this year, there will be times when Emerald Road will be closed more or less from the T intersection to the Pearl intersection. The closure will be moving along this stretch of road. A full closure for this phase is something we can do since there is another way in to the Ranch through Willowbrook. This route is capable of taking any emergency vehicle if they are needed, i.e fire or ambulance. Summit County emergency services will be kept up to date by our engineer as will the main delivery companies, UPS and FedEx. There will be signage as well.

This year's project will affect both Filing 1 and Filing 2. The dividing line between the two filings is the beginning of Emerald Road.  The project actually starts where last year's project ended. This is Well #2. If you do not know where that is, contact Don.

Schedule (Rev Aug 20 5:45pm)

1)      Thurs  8/21:  NO ROAD CLOSURE - AT LEAST ONE LANE WILL BE OPEN - utility locates and begin to strip and stockpile the road base/recycled -

2)      Friday 8/22: 
- NO ROAD CLOSURE - AT LEAST ONE LANE WILL BE OPEN - continue to strip, install erosion control and pothole existing utilities. Materials delivery.

3)      Monday 8/25: 
FILING 1 WILL BE AFFECTED NOT FILING 2. NO ROAD CLOSURE - AT LEAST ONE LANE WILL BE OPEN (Could go into Tuesday Morning) Make tie in to existing system and install pipe to main intersection.

4)      Tuesday 8/26 to Friday 8/29:  ROAD CLOSURES FOR FILING 2  Install pipe and services.

5)      Tuesday 9/2 to Friday  9/5: 
NO PLANNED ROAD CLOSURES  AT LEAST ONE LANE WILL BE OPEN. Finish pipe connections to existing, services, culverts, road repair and testing. 

The detour for when Emerald is fully closed:

First from Google Maps (maps and pictures copyright Google):

map1 of detour

Assuming that you start the detour from the Kum & Go gas station, follow Colorado 9 to the Willowbrook entrance (red line) and turn left on to Willowbrook Road (right if coming from the North. Then follow Willow Brook road (green) past W. Coyote Drive and look for a dirt driveway/road on your left.

Here is the Google Map satellite view:


And finally from Google Earth:

google earth
I have indicated a fence line to look for as well as the old barn that is part of the Lowe compound that our barn manager Glenn Morse lives at.

Follow the dirt road, you will go over our new bridge over Willowbrook and then through the gate which will be kept open and up Pearl Road.

Please feel free to call Don at 513-0549 for questions or Joe at 970-485-5773.

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