I have been having fun with Summit County's new web based property information service. Unfortanately it does not work with Netscape 4.7, and I have not tried out version 6. It does work with I.E. 5.0

Summit County's home page from whence this can be launched is: http://www.co.summit.co.us.

The interactive map can create quite nice maps of areas that you are interested in. For example here is Ruby Ranch and the surrounding area:

Compare this to the map that I generated with my CAD system, and a paper copy of the map of the ranch and graph paper.

I wanted to see how I could get this to overlay a USGS Topo map, so I first brought up my Wildflower Topo maps that I use on my hike pages and created the following bitmap:

I then used Corel Trace to turn the GIS bitmap to a vector format, and used Corel Draw to overlay that on top of the topo image:

As you can see, the scales are not perfect for the overlays, and I don't know which is off, USGS or Summit County.

A larger version can be had by clicking here

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Maps are derived from copyrighted material from Summit County (gis map) and Wildflower or TOPO! (the topo maps) and the combined map, I will put a copyright of Don Samuels on (2001).