Ruby Ranch Dumpsters
Don Samuels

Over the past year, the dumpsters at the stables have been continually overloaded. Since I have complained about this, I am elected or is it appointed to educate.

It appears to me that most of the time the dumpsters are overloaded, it is with cardboard boxes which are not broken down, as well as construction material and general moving in material.

Silverthorne does have a re-cycling center located just across from the Post Office, on Brian Ave between 3rd and 4th streets. The center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm, and on Saturday until Noon.

On a map of Silverthorne, the center is here:

It would really help the Ranch as a whole if everyone used this asset.

If we can not maintain discipline and only use the dumpsters for household trash, then the cost for everyone will go up.