Mt. Lincoln

July 29, 2001

Don, Marina & John Drake

Distance: 6.47 miles (round trip)
Elevation Gain: 2605'
Duration: 5 hours 51 minutes

This hike we took, using the description of the book "Colorado's Fourteeners from Hikes to Climbs" by Gerry Roach, 2nd edition. As is usual with us, we looked for the easiest way up. Like Mt. Bross, This hike used a 4 WD road for the majority of the hike.

Both John and I agree, that while this hike was a "fourteener", it was easier than our Buffalo Mountain hike. Of course, that hike had a vertical of 3500, and this was only 2600 feet.

The only problem we encountered was that the parking area was not as described in Gerry's book. Looking at the following map, I show where Gerry said to park, and where we actually did park:

For completeness sake, I show the route from Colorado 9 to the parking. The road from the "cross" on the map to the parking area is almost a 4 WD road, certainly high ground clearance is needed. In addition, the road is only 1 vehicle wide, so in the morning, it is a good bet all the traffic is uphill, and in the afternoon all of the traffic is downhill. I saw only 1 turnout on the road.

According to the GPS, we started the hike at 7:51 am, I made the summit at 10:58 am (John was earlier and Marina later), we left the summit at 11:28 am, and were back at the car at 1:42 pm.

Here is the map:

I am getting better at understanding the Garmin GPS III+, and Topo Colorado, such that I was able to get times as well as locations. So I have indicated our progress by the hour from the bottom, and after leaving the summit.

Here is the profile:

As you can read from the profile, total round trip was 6.47 miles, elevation gain was 2605'.

Here is a view of the summit from somewhere below:


The hike basically follows 4 WD roads almost to the summit. From the parking area to the point indicated by the word "branch", there are no choices. After that, until the phrase "go right", there is always a choice between a shallow grade, and a steep grade. Going up, we almost always took the shorter steep grade, and coming back down, we sometimes took the longer shallow grade. At the phrase "go right" on the map (at 2.9 miles into the hike) you should turn right, starting to circle the mountain in a counter-clockwise fashion, going from the east side, all the way over to the west side. The road would allow a left hand turn as well, taking you towards Mt. Cameron, but this is not advisable. Shortly after you turn right, you will see a cairn, and the trail will leave the road, circling towards the west. The trail joins up with the trail from Cameron just slightly below the actual summit.

At the summit, we found the sign-in tube, as well as two (not one) USGS benchmarks. I guess the USGS had to make up for the lack of one on Mt. Bross.

And of course the obligitory picture of the hikers at the summit:

Here is a view of Cameron

and a view of Wheeler Lake, to the North-North-West of the summit

Finally, I took my usual quota of flower picts, including what I think to be some outstanding Columbines. Go here to see them.
Take heed, however, there are thirteen images on this page, and it will take some time to load over a modem.

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