Discussion of the 1 year checkup (closer to 14 months)

I went back to Stanford for an MRI and a consult with Dr. Jackler and Dr. Gibbs  in late October 2006.

My thanks again to Laurie Tupper for setting up all of the appointments.

I flew in on Saturday to leave Sunday in case the airlines screwed up. They did not, so I went up to Napa on Sunday and came away with 6 bottles of wine, two of which I shipped and 6 of which I put into checked luggage. All have arrived ok.

Winerys are:

V Sattui
Grgich Hills

My MRI was done there along with an audiogram for the first time - previous ones have been at Dr. Tralla's office

I first met with Dr. Gibbs. I discussed my concerns with her on the uncertainty in reading an MRI. She agreed that there was around a 2mm uncertainty.

I then met with Dr. Jackler the following day. I don't believe that there was a radiologist's report by then, but Dr. Jackler's reading of the MRI was favorable based on a loss of contrast on the contrast enhanced pictures.

Here are the pictures, one from 6 months after the radiation, one from this visit:

This is the 6 monthg picture

and the 1 year picture:

The portion of the tumor that is on the lower left (inside the skull) is darker than the portion on the upper right.

Dr. Jackler says this is an indication that the cells are dying. He says that the contrast will come back at some point, but I forgot to ask him what that means.

I will return in 1 year, and will hope Laurie will again help set up all of my appointments.

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