Graduation 2002 - Michael, Nikki, and David

June 2002 was a busy month for our household as we had Michael and Nikki graduating high school, and David graduating from middle school.

For the high school graduation, we had a number of guests come in: Bill and Kristen Larson from Port Angeles, WA, Pete Larson from the Miami FL area, Liz Temper from Arizona,  and Paul Samuels from Los Angeles CA.

For David's graduation, which was the following week, all of our guests were gone, and in fact so were we. As soon as the ceremony was over, we drove to the airport for our trip to Europe.

A subset of the pictures taken can be seen in the following links:

Before (and after the High School Graduation)

High School Graduation

Middle School Graduation

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures posted were taken by either Don, Marina, Michael, David or Nichole. All rights to these pictures are reserved.

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