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The Ranch as seen from Ptarmigan November 4, 2007

and the hike itself:


Previous Pictures of the Moment

Moose on the Ranch April 22, 2004

The Yellow Bellied Sapsucker or Williamson's Sapsucker April 2004

Ruby Ranch in the Fall from Ptarmigan Fall 2003

Thidwick pictures here

First Snow, taken on 9/24/00

Elk taken on 9/27/00

First Snow, taken on 9/6/01

Elk on the Front Porch taken on 10/01/01

Moon set over Red, taken on 10/4/01

Why the mountain known as Ptarmigan is called Ptarmigan

Sunrise Jan. 11, 2002

Big Snow Nov 9, 2002, and here

First Snow 2003

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