Trail Status after 2007 Blowdown - July 4 hike to Willow Lake

On July 4, Marina and I hiked up to Willow Lakes. On the way back down, we kept track of trees across the trail that need to be removed. Even though significant work has been done, there is plenty more to do. While the trail was empty the day we hiked, it was obvious that new side trails are being made as people go around the down'd trees.

I used my GPS to track were we went. We did not leave the trail other than detours for trees. In general the track was quiet and good, only being noisy after the Salmon Lake cut-off.

Here is a map:

Note that where I mark the Willow Lake trail is where we leave the Gore Trail. The USGS location of the split is way off.  Where I indicate the "switchback" is easy to recognize if you hike the trail, as is the irrigation ditch (assuming it is running) and the Ruby Lake Trail which is not marked on any map.

At the point the Willow Lake trail begins, the Gore Range trail has another large blowdown making it impassable. It looked like people have started to go around on the East (downhill) side.

Here is a picture:

The picture does not do justice to how bad it is. I tried to start to count the trees but could not. I would estimate over 100 trees in this one area of  about 100 yard.

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