Trail Status after 2007 Blowdown

This page is to keep an updated status on the hiking trails after the 2007 Blowdown.

New, an update based on a hike Marina and I took to Willow Lakes on July 4, 2007

I have put  what is below into a map

Green Solid = Clear - good for horses
Green Dashed = Assumed Clear but I have no first hand knowledge, mostly based on number of people on a trail and talking to them
Yellow = Can be hiked but not clear for horses
Red = Impassible,
Red Dashed = Assumed Impassable.

Ruby Ranch Access points:

    Garnet - Cleared
    Upper Emerald - Cleared
    Lower Emerald (by the water tanks) - passable but not cleared (Doug), work was done this past weekend and will continue July 7.
    Top of Emerald  by the top tanks - Last time I was on it, it was passable but not cleared.

Mesa Cortina
    From Ruby Ranch to Gore - Cleared, three log bridge is now a two log bridge, and the dirt bridge is getting some maintenance by Gore Range Outfitters
    From Ruby Ranch to Mesa Cortina Trailhead - no first hand knowledge but have been told it is now open

Gore Range Trail
    From Mesa Cortina to the Falls - First hand knowledge, cleared through the meadows, do not know about from the meadows to the Falls and beyond
    From Mesa Cortina North - Cleared to the North Fork of Willowbrook, a bit past the North Fork it is impassable as of  June 24.

Gore Range Trail from Ryan:

1)  Gore Range Trail (from Rock Creek TH to Boulder Lakes TH) - Clear (no trees down) and heavy use on Saturday.

(2)  Boulder lakes TH to Lower Boulder Lake - Clear and minimal use (saw about 6 people)

(3)  Gore Range Trail (from Boulder lake TH to Slate Creek/lake TH) - Heavy tree damage/fell (not sure of the appropriate usage of "fell" please amend as you see fit) all along this stretch (and along the higher ridges in particular) .  However, still navigable with 50 lb packs.  Minimal to no traffic (saw 2 people).

(4)  Slate Creek/lake TH to Lower Slate Lake - first 2.5 miles clear because it ran along a meadow.  Last 1.5 miles Heavy tree fell (aspens and pine) all along this stretch.  However, still navigable with daypacks.  Zero traffic.

(5)  Gore Range Trail (from Slate Creek TH to Brush Creek TH) - First 3 miles: Heavy tree fell (aspens and pine) (and along the higher ridges in particular) . However, still navigable with 50 lb packs.  Last 2 miles from the first lost lake TH/loop intersection to the Brush Creek TH : Someone had cleared most of the fallen trees.  Zero traffic.

WillowBrook to Mesa Cortina -  Presumed cleared
WillowBrook to Gore - Presumed cleared
Eagles Nest to Gore - Presumed cleared

Acorn Creek - No blowdown at all see my Acorn Creek writeup

Ptarmigan West Access (the one most people take) ???
Ptarmigan South Access (old logging road) ???

Buffalo Cabin - ??? - I know that there was a work day on this trail recently

Mesa Cortina to Buffalo Cabin Spur - ?????


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